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Appealing to the senses – SXTA silicone actuators by Sateco

Through its subsidiary, Sateco XT AG, Sateco is breaking new ground and adding the SXTA silicone actuators to its portfolio of established keypad systems.

Appealing to the senses – SXTA silicone actuators by Sateco

Image: The SXTA silicone actuators are available in many different sizes, and their dimensions are customizable for specific projects.

The dielectric elastomer actuators (DEA), also known as artificial muscles or electroactive polymers (EAP), can create both haptic and tactile feedback. They are quiet, light, and suitable for many different applications such as automotive, VR, AR, gaming, robotics and general industry.

The base of the stack actuators is freely selectable and can be customized to the available space. Its soft material flexibly adapts itself to curved surfaces and enables its seamless integration between the substrate and surface.

Based on the electrostatic operating principle, the silicone actuators require little energy to maintain their positions. This allows for long-lasting battery operation, which is an important point for wearable devices.

The actuators’ elastomer material enables a large deflection of 4.5% of its length. It saves on additional damping and preload elements, thereby simplifying the design and reducing manufacturing costs. The actuators can perform both fast pulses and slow deformations while continuously starting and stopping any desired deflection. As a result, the component can simultaneously assume several functions and reduce system complexity.

Thanks to their monolithic design, the actuators are robust, shock and impact-resistant, and also ensure high durability, even in rough environments at high (+85°C) and low temperatures (­40°C).

Sateco XT at the Actuator online trade fair and conference, February 16 – 19, 2021

Sateco XT at Lopec, the leading online trade fair for printed electronics, March 23 – 25, 2021

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