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Protective camera enclosure for Intel® RealSense D455

autoVimation expands its Chameleon XS enclosure series for the Intel® RealSense Depth Camera family, adding a new enclosure for the D455 camera.

Protective camera enclosure for Intel® RealSense™ D455
The Chameleon XS enclosure series now also provides IP66/67 protection for the Intel® RealSense Depth Camera D455

The 500g lightweight aluminum enclosure provides reliable IP66/67 ingress protection all-around, allowing the depth cameras to be employed in unmanned aerial vehicles, in outdoor vision applications, and in challenging industrial environments. The outer dimensions are 150 mm x 64 mm x 34 mm. Like the existing Chameleon XS enclosures for the RealSense sensors D415, D435, and T265, the D455 model ensures shade-free images thanks to the special arrangement of the windows.

The windows are made of anti-reflective BK7 glass. To compensate for thermal expansion and vibrations, they are fitted into the housing openings with special seals instead of being glued. Under normal conditions, cooling is not required because the camera is connected with a solid aluminum adapter and a double-layer thermal film for heat coupling with the enclosure.

A cable gland with an extra-large sealing inlay enables tool-free entry of standard cables with USB-C plugs. With the help of a dovetail adapter plate, the Chameleon XS enclosures are fully compatible to autoVimation’s machine vision construction kit. This way, all 30mm dovetail mounting kits can be used to mount and align the housing vibration-proof on flat surfaces or slot profiles.

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