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Carlo Gavazzi Automation has introduced its new series SPDE 2 and 3 phase, the ultra-compact two-phase and three-phase DIN-rail power supplies, ideal for electrical panels with limited space.


The SPDE 2 and 3-phase series consists of 3 frame sizes, starting from 120 W (2-phase) with 41 mm width, to a maximum of 480 W (3-phase) with 80 mm width. The ultra-compact housing design of these power supplies allows savings of up to 50% on panel space, making them suitable for applications where space limitations exist.

The high quality of this series is certified by a number of industry approvals: CE, UKCA and UL 61010.

The SPDE 2 and 3 phase series is the ideal solution for applications where high efficiency and wide operating temperature are required. Thanks to the built-in PFC (240 W 2Ph / 480 W 3Ph) these power supplies ensure high operating efficiency up to 95.6%, and a wide operating temperature range up to -40ºC to +70ºC (-40ºF to +158ºF).

Integrated diagnostics and protection functions such as Over Current (OVC), Over Voltage (OVP), Short Circuit (SCP) and Over Temperature (OVT) provide maximum output protection even under abnormal conditions.

“The SPDE 2 and 3 phase series is the perfect solution to improve the overall performance and reliability of the SPD 2 and 3 phase series. This new series duly meets customers’ requests in having advanced features in a compact housing,” Matteo Pinciroli, International Product Specialist, says. “With this launch it is our intention to further strengthen Carlo Gavazzi’s product offerings with one of the most compact DIN-rail power supplies on the market.”

Main technical features
  • Universal input voltage range: 2-Ph 180 VAC to 600 VAC and 3-Ph 320 VAC to 600 VAC ; 2-Ph 254 VDC to 848 VDC and 3-Ph 450 VDC to 850 VDC
  • Output voltage range 24 VDC or 48 VDC
  • Output power range from 120 up to 480 W
  • Ultra-compact dimensions :
    • 120 W 2Ph - 41 mm wide
    • 240 W 2Ph - 54 mm wide
    • 240 W 3Ph - 54 mm wide
    • 480 W 3Ph - 80 mm wide
  • Integrated protection: short circuit, over current, over voltage, over temperature
  • Built-in active PFC (only in 240 W 2Ph and 480 W 3Ph models) for higher efficiency up to 96.5%
  • DC OK relay indication
  • 4 KVAC isolation voltage
  • Overvoltage category III (120/240 W)
  • Green LED for status indication
  • CE, UKCA, UL 61010

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