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New LEMO Product Family Portfolio Simplifies Selection Process

LEMO has launched an enhanced product family portfolio to streamline customer selection, offering over 90,000 custom solutions to meet market demands, continuously expanding its offerings.

New LEMO Product Family Portfolio Simplifies Selection Process

Designed to streamline the presentation of LEMO's extensive range of solutions, the new product family portfolio highlights core series organized into six distinct families based on shared functionality and specific market applications.

“We used basically two concepts: the first one was really to focus on the series that sell most; the second was to regroup those series that share similar features and that share similar needs in the market,” explained Wim Vanheertum, Head of Product Marketing.

The six product families include:

  • ORIGINALS: Configurable solutions tailored to individual needs.
  • REDEL: Medical preferred solutions designed for reliability and performance.
  • OPTIMA: Optimized solutions engineered for efficiency.
  • SUPREME: Extreme solutions built to withstand harsh environments.
  • SPECIALTIES: Specialized solutions catering to unique requirements.
  • CABLE SOLUTIONS: Unique cable solutions offering comprehensive connectivity.

This classification system enables customers to swiftly identify the most suitable series for their applications, ensuring a seamless selection process.

In addition to the product families, LEMO emphasizes its commitment to providing customized and comprehensive connectivity solutions through a range of complementary services.

Embrace the future of connectivity with LEMO, where innovation converges with precision, and customer success remains the top priority.

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