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Mouser Introduces Banner Engineering’s R130C IO-Link Hub for Industrial Automation, Sensor, and IoT Applications

Mouser Electronics the authorised global distributor with the newest electronic components and industrial automation products, is now shipping the R130C discrete IO-Link hub from Banner Engineering.

Mouser Introduces Banner Engineering’s R130C IO-Link Hub for Industrial Automation, Sensor, and IoT Applications

The R130C IO-Link hub is a compact, top-exit IO-Link hub that allows connections for up to 16 non-IO-Link devices into an IO-Link system for industrial automation, sensor networks, supervisory control, data acquisition, and IoT applications.

Banner Engineering’s R130C 8-port discrete IO-Link hub, available from Mouser, utilizes industry-standard top-exit M12-connectivity and 16-discrete PNP inputs for efficient and cost-effective mounting on machines near sensors, resulting in fewer wires and space savings in control cabinets by eliminating costly PLC input cards. The R130C hub also provides power to other devices, with four amps shared across all eight ports, for lighting products and other devices without the use of splitters. The R130C also has I/O status LEDs, which are visible from the top or side of the device, greatly easing troubleshooting for the device, regardless of mounting location.

Mouser also stocks Banner Engineering’s R95C IO-Link hubs to convert and consolidate discrete and analog signals into an IO-Link or Modbus data stream. The R95C-8B21-KQ is a bimodal-to- IO-Link device converter that connects discrete inputs and sends the value to the IO-Link master. These hubs feature eight ports, four-pin M12 integral quick disconnects, and an IO-Link interface with two configurable I/O pins per port that support PNP or NPN inputs and outputs.

When combined with Banner’s IO-Link Masters, the R130C and R95C IO-Link hubs can transmit eight to sixteen signals via IO-Link to the customer’s human-machine interface (HMI), programmable logic controller (PLC), or other network devices. Each hub is equipped with eight industry-standard M12 ports, where the input ports can be customized individually.

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