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Samsung News

ISOCELL HM3: Refined Details, Redefined Colors

In today's fast-paced world, users always need to have their smartphone cameras at the ready so they can quickly capture those precious, fleeting memories in stunning quality.


Moxa Launches Wireless Add-on Module for MXview to Overcome the Wi-Fi Network Management Challenges in Smart Manufacturing

Moxa, a leading provider of network infrastructure solutions, has released the MXview Wireless add-on module for our MXview industrial network management software. MXview streamlines network management by visualizing networks, helping non-IT staff simplify operations and improve network uptime.

Stemmer imaging News

Smart control of visitor flows

In heavily frequented areas, it is becoming more and more important to identify movement patterns. This data can be used to optimise the layout of spaces and regulate the flow of people in order to increase safety or reduce waiting times.

Intel News

Alerta de Prensa: Intel Partner Connect en abril 2021 (Virtual)

On April 20-22, Intel will host its first of three Intel Partner Connect events for 2021. April’s virtual event gives Partner Alliance members an opportunity to hear from Intel leaders on the priorities and challenges for the coming year. Participants will be able to interact with the industry’s premier ecosystem for solutions to today’s most challenging problems.

Cojali News


In Cojali, we continuously invest our efforts in providing all our knowledge of electrical and electronic components to the market to make vehicles more and more safe and efficient.

Cojali News


The integration of electrical and electronic components in vehicle architecture has significantly increased in recent years.


The Award Winning MPW gets a 500 lb. Upgrade!

ElectroCraft, Inc., the global fractional horsepower motor and motion solutions provider, has expanded its award winning MobilePower wheel drive family with the MPW86.

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