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Delta Line


DELTA LINE, a specialist in technically optimal and cost-effective motion control solutions, has repositioned its business on a corporate level to better reflect its significant recent evolution and growth trajectory. In recent years the company has shifted from a family-owned business to a group of companies, from a distributor to a manufacturer, and from the supply of components to a developer of complete systems. DELTA LINE’s Managing Director Massimo Malgorani explains the thinking…


Q. How has the company transitioned and evolved since its formation?
A. DELTA LINE was formed 1983 as a local business in Italy. However, such has been the rate of company growth over the years that a group structure duly emerged. For instance, a European network of technical sales resources has been established, with global expansion facilitated through the creation of an office in China. Indeed, there are additional geographic expansion plans for 2020 and beyond. Alongside strong organic growth, another factor in the transformation is growth by acquisition; notably DELTA LINE became a significant shareholder of Fulling Motor in 2008.

Q. Please explain how DELTA LINE has evolved from distributor to manufacturer?
A. Initially, core business at DELTA LINE was to act as the Italian distributor of Portescap, a specialist in miniature motors and precision motion control solutions. This exclusive arrangement was extended Europe-wide in 2003. Ambition grew further following the deal with Fulling Motor, which meant the company became both a shareholder and official channel partner. As the world evolves towards mechatronics solutions, DELTA LINE aims to strengthen its leading position in motion systems, combining its long experience in mechanical systems with the latest innovations in electronics, as both a design and manufacturing company.

Q. How can DELTA LINE differentiate itself in the marketplace?
A. DELTA LINE is strengthening its engineering team with regard to both its mechanical and electronic capabilities, bringing about the design of complex motion solutions and satisfying customer demands that extend from a simple component, to a complete system. The company’s origins as a motor distributor no longer reflect the business of today. DELTA LINE has become a motor and drive system developer/integrator, where skilled company engineers design and build electromechanical systems customised to the needs of individual clients.

Some other elements of differentiation are that we are flexible (technically & commercially), we can act quicker than bigger organization. Satisfying customer demands means also that we can meet very competitive pricing. We can also provide a solution without any territory limitations.

Q. Where does the E&D brand fit into the new strategy?
A. The creation of the new E&D [Electronics & Drive] brand reflects DELTA LINE’s development as a manufacturer of innovative mechanical and electronic motion solutions. E&D will be launched officially at SPS in Nuremberg, Germany [26-28 November] as a co-operation between DELTA LINE and Ever Elettronica, with a full line of integrated solutions for markets that include healthcare, robotics, textiles, security, instrumentation and test, packaging and labelling, and agriculture, to list but a few. SPS will provide a great opportunity to meet the DELTA LINE team and learn more about its strategically repositioned offer as a leader in the design and manufacture of precision motion systems.

Q. How will the new corporate positioning benefit DELTA LINE customers?
A. Put simply, the company’s mission is to anticipate and satisfy the future needs of customers. Sure enough, DELTA LINE has been in constant evolution and will continue its innovation programme to remain the collaborative partner that customers look for in their developments. However, getting the best out of a motor is only possible with the introduction of the most efficient mechanical system, as well as the optimum drive that can communicate with the rest of the application. Being able to offer complete system solutions from a single source clearly adds value for customers. In addition, DELTA LINE will continue to reinforce its strengths, which include local technical support, a centralised logistics centre, and industry-leading customer service.

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