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Stream and access data from equipment that does not support 802.11 WiFi – a 90POE Case Study

In industrial settings, the desire to safely and securely transmit data from devices that use a serial communications port over a wireless network is growing in popularity.

Stream and access data from equipment that does not support 802.11 WiFi – a 90POE Case Study

WiFi networks continue to increase in popularity because they are easy to install and do not incur the additional expense of running Ethernet cable in locations where it is impractical. The desire to transmit diverse data types over these wireless networks is also growing. However, that data often originates in equipment that does not support 802.11 WiFi. This includes smart meters, altimeters, sensors, gauges, sonar, navigational equipment, scanners, printers, and PLC’s that rely on serial communication ports. These devices are commonly deployed in manufacturing, energy production, industrial fieldbus applications, and industrial control systems.

Stewart Adams, Lead Systems Engineer at Ninety Percent of Everything (90POE), needed a solution that enabled data to be safely and securely transmitted over WiFi from the navigational and bridge equipment of a global fleet of commercial shipping vessels. Commercial navigational equipment has RS422 serial communication ports. The challenge was to find a safe and cyber secure Serial to Ethernet Converter that supported WiFi as part of the 90POE integrated onboard vessel system.

Enter, the Perle IOLAN SDG W Device Server. This class approved product was specifically designed to securely transmit authentic RS232, RS422, and RS485 serial data over a wireless network.

Adams explains, “Operational integrity and cyber security are paramount when designing and deploying an integrated onboard vessel system across a global fleet of commercial vessels. As part of 90POE’s vessel deployment, the Perle IOLAN Wireless Device Servers provide a safe and secure way to create a serial to ethernet conversion for us to access and stream real-time data over WiFi to our onboard vessel system. The additional benefit of using the Perle IOLAN products is the time and effort saved by removing the need to install an Ethernet network to access this critical operational data.”

Stream and access data from equipment that does not support 802.11 WiFi – a 90POE Case Study

This critical data is processed onboard by the 90POE integrated vessel system Oktopus.One, providing operational insight for crew onboard before being securely streamed via satellite back to shore. Through the 90POE digital platform OpenOcean Studio, this vessel operational data is combined and overlaid with other sources of data and intelligence to create value for ship operators and ship owners with better insights into their operations. Perle IOLAN products are therefore a key component in enabling the safe and secure access to this data which ultimately creates value for 90POE customers.

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