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Ariane Medical use Perle WiFi Device Servers to make their Papillon+ Cancer Treatment System Wireless and Portable

IOLAN WiFi Device Servers provide a safe and secure way to transmit serial RS232 data over WiFi.

Ariane Medical use Perle WiFi Device Servers to make their Papillon+ Cancer Treatment System Wireless and Portable

Ariane Medical Systems have been delivering ground-breaking cancer radiation treatment for over 10 years. Mark Davies, Sales Manager at Ariane Medical Systems, explains, “The type of non-surgical radiotherapy that we specialize in is suitable for rectal/bowel, superficial skin, and breast cancers. The Papillon systems deliver low-energy, high-dose, targeted x-rays via patented X-ray tube technology. Unlike traditional radiotherapy, little or no capital expenditure is required for protective radiation shielding in hospital suites due to the low energies used.”

The Ariane R&D Team wanted their next-generation treatment system, the Papillon+, to be more accessible by utilizing WiFi to make it portable. The blueprint was for a cable-free system, that could be moved from one location to another. This would allow for treatments to be carried out in Brachytherapy Suites, Treatment Rooms, and Operating Theatres. This mobility would also enable smaller trusts, hospitals, and municipalities to pool together their financial resources and share the Papillon+, ultimately making cancer treatment available in more locations.

The Papillon+ system consists of:

  • the main unit that delivers radiation inside a treatment room,
  • the PC workstation operated by medical staff located outside the treatment room,
  • the treatment room door warning sensor.

All the equipment is located within 20 ft of each other and requires reliable, real-time data transfer. Mark Davies explains, “In the design process, we needed a way for the equipment to communicate seamlessly without hard-wired connections. However, all the equipment inside the main treatment unit had serial RS232 communication ports that did not support 802.11 WiFi. After tinkering with a bespoke solution, ourselves, we found Perle IOLAN Wireless Device Servers. They provided the safe and secure way to transmit the serial RS232 data over WiFi, between the workstation, door sensor, and treatment unit.”

This wireless operation facilitates location flexibility and avoids the need for hazardous cables within the treatment room. Perle is proud to be a part of the Papillon+ turn-key solution that enhances patient care and increases survival rates.

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