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Now you can send a selfie from anywhere: MIKROE adds Wi-Fi 8 Click to growing family of Wi-Fi peripheral development boards

Based on Microchip’s highly integrated low power Wi-Fi and Bluetooth module. MikroElektronika (MIKROE), the embedded solutions company that dramatically cuts development time by providing innovative hardware and software products based on proven standards.

Now you can send a selfie from anywhere: MIKROE adds Wi-Fi 8 Click to growing family of Wi-Fi peripheral development boards

Has launched WiFi 8 Click a compact add-on peripheral board that features Microchip’s ATWINC3400-MR210CA Wi-Fi and Bluetooth 5.0-certified module that is optimized for low power and high-performance mobile applications. WiFi 8 Click joins 15 other Wi-Fi clicks available from MIKROE, and the total number of Click peripheral development boards offered by the company is now well over 1000.

Nebojsa Matic, CEO at MIKROE explains why so many Wi-Fi Click variants are available: “Wireless communication is essential for all aspects of life today. Yet different environments and applications require different Wi-Fi chips and modules. If you have a Wi-Fi router connected to a fixed broadband line, Liechtenstein has the fastest Wi-Fi speeds in the world at 229.98 Mbps, according to data. Even on Everest there is Wi-Fi, at least at base camp. Whatever the need, bringing mobility and internet to your design is just a Click away.”

The Wi-Fi 8 Click board costs just $34.00, suiting it to highly integrated and cost-effective applications, industrial wireless control, Bluetooth gateway, smart home applications, and much more. The module comes with integrated power and low-noise amplifiers, transmit/receive switch (for WiFi and Bluetooth), a power management unit, an integrated 2.4GHz chip antenna, and an additional 32.768 kHz clock for Sleep operation. It utilizes highly optimized IEEE 802.11 Bluetooth coexistence protocols and provides Serial Peripheral Interface to interface with the host controller.

MIKROE’s Click boards are supported by a mikroSDK compliant library, which includes functions that simplify software development. Click boards feature the standard 16-pin mikroBUS socket which was invented by MIKROE ten years ago. This standardized approach enables design engineers to change peripherals easily, cutting months off development time.

MIKROE releases a new Click board nearly every day at 10am.

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