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Sivers Photonics receives 1 MUSD follow-up order from Fortune 100 customer

Sivers Semiconductors AB today announced that its subsidiary, Sivers Photonics, has received a new order, worth 955 kUSD (approximately 10 MSEK*) from the first established US Fortune 100 customer.

Sivers Photonics receives 1 MUSD follow-up order from Fortune 100 customer

This order will cover the design, development, and supply of semiconductor laser devices for use in advanced optical sensing applications. Sivers Photonics has been working with this key customer for over 3 years.

“We are pleased to continue to contribute as key supplier to this customer, as we look towards supporting them with the volume production. This new order brings the total order value for this customer to approximately 34 MSEK* during 2022”,
says William McLaughlin, Managing Director of Sivers Photonics.

“In 2022 we are exceeding record levels sales volumes for a single year with this Fortune 100 customer and orders now totaling over 130 MSEK* in development fees since the start of the project. This order underpins the deep working relationship we have with this customer and yet again strengthen our belief in a favorable future volume phase”,
says Anders Storm, Group CEO of Sivers Semiconductors.

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