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CELUS Opens New Platform for Beta Testing

The new platform which is expected to be released this spring is giving electronics designers the opportunity to pioneer the software, receive first-hand training from CELUS, and access the private beta community.

CELUS Opens New Platform for Beta Testing

CELUS, a leading provider of cloud-based, AI-supported electronics engineering software, has launched a beta platform for electronics enthusiasts, hobbyists and professionals to pursue their creative design projects.

CELUS has already opened up new levels of efficiency and quality assurance to electronic engineering professionals, distributors, and component manufacturers worldwide.

Applying CELUS’ AI-enhanced products to prospective designs is the best way to understand how machine learning can significantly reduce laborious engineering and composition times for circuit diagrams, board design and component selection.

Projects will be showcased on the CELUS platform amongst a brand new community of private testers, called ‘CELUS Power Drivers’, with designs able to be shared and re-used among users. The collaborative approach enables testers to support each other, build out personal and technical networks, as well as users’ brands and reputations.

Available to all designs are schematics, a BOM, PCB documents and PDFs for documentation, and all output files will be generated for Autodesk Eagle. The cohort of beta users can also generate projects with the CELUS design tool, from the block diagram to the output files.

The platform additionally provides access to a library of reference projects and component applications based on different technologies, such as Arduino, Espressif and Raspberry Pi. For testers to hit the ground running, direct contact and training both with CELUS and manufacturing experts are offered as part of the beta programme.

“We’re immediately providing great content and high functionality to all of our new users on this beta platform and we’re excited to invite electronic designers of all levels to get involved. Our expertise and products are best understood with hands-on experience, and we appreciate any feedback and ideas from the testers to make our new platform as valuable as possible for the global engineering community,” 
CELUS CEO Tobias Pohl said.

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