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New: SIL Tests on Target Hardware

Vector Informatik now offers Software-inthe-Loop tests (SIL tests) on target hardware, integrated as a feature in CANoe4SW.

New: SIL Tests on Target Hardware
Functional principle of a SIL test on real hardware.

This allows software components with strong hardware dependency to be tested at their functional interfaces. Hardware-related software is thus safeguarded early and continuously.

With the hardware debugger connection now available in CANoe4SW 17 service pack 3, the software under test is no longer tested only in virtual execution environments, but also directly on the real hardware. The hardware does not have to be the final device. Often, evaluation platforms of microcontrollers already serve as a basis for the development and testing of drivers. SIL tests on real hardware enable hardware dependencies that are difficult to emulate to be safeguarded at an early stage. They also highlight potential problems in the real execution environment as well as in the real runtime environment.

New: SIL Tests on Target Hardware
SIL tests on real hardware currently support solutions from Lauterbach and Tasking (iSYSTEM) via a debugger connection.

The new hardware debugger connection is available in the current version of CANoe4SW as well as in CANoe and provides smooth test communication via a hardware debugger. The connection of the Hardware Debug Probe to the test computer via USB or Ethernet is used for this purpose. The integrated hardware debugger connection primarily addresses software tests of individual software modules or a partial integration. The feature supports solutions from Lauterbach and TASKING (iSYSTEM).

Test design is done via the established ecosystem with vTESTstudio as editor or via the freely available extensions for Visual Studio Code.

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