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40 Years of Voltcraft – A Success Story

Conrad's Voltcraft is standing for reliability and precision since 1982. Industrial-grade equipment for manufacturing, R & D, contractors and vocational training.

40 Years of Voltcraft – A Success Story

Measuring instruments, environmental testers, power and mains supply units, charging technology, power banks, batteries, rechargeables and endoscopes: Voltcraft supplies products designed to suit every type of engineering task.

  • Measuring, testing, charging, assessing: this brand knows what pros are looking for
  • Well-made and innovative: product quality at an affordable price
  • Join the celebrations: one year of special deals to mark the anniversary

Innovative quality products that provide value for money, and that are designed to meet customer needs. Durability and precision across the board are what Voltcraft as a brand has been standing for over the past 40 years. Measuring instruments, environmental testers, power and mains supply units, charging technology, power banks, batteries, rechargeables and endoscopes: for four decades, Voltcraft’s well-made and innovative products have proven their worth, becoming the choice of product designers, researchers, contractors, service engineers, students, undergrads, apprentices, tech lovers and skilled DIYers alike. Looking at the electronics sector, 40 years are almost an eternity. In other words, brands need to be really successful, to keep selling over such a long period of time. And Voltcraft is one of them.

Innovation Drives Progress
Harald Lehner is a product expert who has been looking after Voltcraft’s product range for more than 30 years, and who knows each of the brand’s more than 1.700 items inside out. He is perfectly aware of what is expected of testers, chargers and network technology when it comes to everyday tasks in research facilities, workshops or production plants. “The work environment in which our equipment is being used changes at breakneck speed, with technical innovations being released all the time. This is why we keep developing products in a dynamic way, to make their use easier and more straightforward.” It is therefore no surprise that, over the past four decades, a large proportion of Voltcraft equipment came with features that won over customers, and still does, with these functions being copied by Voltcraft competitors sometime later.

Accuracy Factored In
Voltcraft doesn’t compromise on manufacturing quality. Products are assembled in certified facilities that comply with the stringent standards governing the European market. Thorough quality assurance policies ensure that products meet both domestic and international safety norms as stipulated, for instance, by CE, VDE and ISO guidelines. Goes without saying that RoHS and REACH regulations apply, too. And because testing and measuring is first and foremost about accuracy, all Voltcraft testers are factory-calibrated (no certificate). Moreover, for most products, Conrad Electronic offer an industry-accredited calibration that complies with DIN EN ISO 9001:2015 and DIN EN ISO/IEC 17025:2018 (DAkks) standards (surcharge applies).

What to Look Forward to during the Anniversary Year
40 years of Voltcraft – who can think of any better reason to celebrate? Customers can look forward to a special anniversary product every month. There will be limited special editions of existing products as well as new product releases sold at an anniversary discount. And what’s more, each month, the team of experts at Voltcraft plans to showcase topical categories highlighting innovative equipment and product lines centred around measurement, testing and diagnostics. Full details on the activities during the anniversary year are available at

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