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Modular Electronics for AC/DC Charging-Stations

Phytec introduces modular electronic components for faster development of EV charging stations.

Modular Electronics for AC/DC Charging-Stations
Customized charging electronics: Phytec offers electronic components for the fast and cost-effective development of charging stations and controllers, also including software.

These offerings streamline the path to production readiness and come with comprehensive pre-prepared components—optionally including software and lifecycle management. The range extends from development kits for direct entry into development to design-optimized System on Modules and the new phyVERSO-EVCS, an OEM charging controller including software stack from Phytec’s partner Pionix. The solutions are suitable for charging stations with AC/DC technology as well as for megawatt charging. Latest protocols such as V2G, PLC and OCPP are supported.

Faster time to market and lower costs
Electro-mobility and its charging infrastructure are rapidly expanding. The evolution of charging stations must match this pace, consistently integrating new standards and innovations in communication, networking, security, and remote control. Phytec's solution aids companies by integrating smart grid capabilities, complying with the Cyber Resilience Act, and incorporating features like cloud connectivity and device management into hardware and software design. These services shorten the time to series production, save costs and reduce design risks.

phyVERSO-EVCS: The Powerful OEM charging controller
With the phyVERSO-EVCS, Phytec offers a ready-to-integrate electronics platform for OEM charging controllers that supports standards such as V2G, PLC and OCPP. It comes pre-configured with the Pionix EVerest / BaseCamp Charger OS. This framework supports numerous protocols for integration with infrastructure, vehicles, payment systems, etc. Load management and remote control are also already integrated in the electronics. Thanks to the modular design interfaces, customization of design and functionality can be achieved quickly and without expensive development costs. The phyVERSO-EVCS is currently available with the AM62x processor from Texas Instruments. A variant with NXP i.MX93 is currently under development.

Hardware and software designed for industrial requirements
Phytec's System on Modules are optimized for professional EV-charging controllers and are available with the latest processors from NXP, Texas Instruments, and ST Microelectronics. They are characterized by their robust design, industrial-grade components, and assured long-term availability. Modules with a pin-compatible footprint, for example, with the NXP i.MX 6UL/ULL, STM32MP13x, and NXP i.MX 91/93 processors, enable scalable product variants and upgrades without redesigning the baseboard. Phytec offers development kits for each of the processors. With customized board support packages, commissioning guarantees, and comprehensive FAE support, these enable the development of prototypes in the shortest possible time

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