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PiL Sensoren News

Customer-specific ultrasonic sensors at cost-effective conditions

No other sensor technology has such a versatile range of applications as ultrasonic technology: In the industrial sector alone, its applications range from recording filling levels and volume flows and measuring distances, heights, and widths through to detecting objects and obstacles in dynamic processes. Yet depending on their specific application, sensors often require costly modifications in order to work reliably.

Diodes Incorporated News

High-Frequency 100V-Rated Gate Driver from Diodes Incorporated Raises Power Efficiency While Saving Board Space

Diodes Incorporated (Nasdaq: DIOD) has introduced the DGD0579U high-side and low-side gate driver. This high-frequency device, which has a built-in bootstrap diode, is capable of driving two N-channel MOSFETs in the half-bridge configurations that are commonly used for motor control and DC-DC power delivery functions.

CP Automation news

Reading between the limits

CP Automation offers compact and versatile power analyser range.

Exel Composites News


While 5G technology is undoubtedly improving global connectivity capabilities, it has led to challenges for telecoms equipment manufacturers because of the demands imposed by its operation.For example, the frequencies used with 5G raise to much higher than with 4G and those signals cannot easily penetrate some materials and can be easily obstructed, which has led to signal attenuation issues.

Toshiba News


Toshiba Electronics Europe GmbH (“Toshiba”) has launched a new normally open (NO) 1-Form-A photorelay that is intended for use in a multitude of battery- and hybrid-electric vehicle applications including within the battery management system (BMS), ground fault detection and identifying faults with mechanical relays.

Fischer Connectors

High speeds in ever-smaller footprints: new connectivity solutions featuring high-density miniaturization power up data transmission in reduced-scale electronics

The Swiss-headquartered Fischer Connectors Group continues to push the boundaries of high-density miniaturization in connectivity. Its ultra-miniature, rugged series of connectors, cable assemblies and electronic solutions has been extended to help engineers add more functionality and meet high-speed data acquisition and transmission requirements in applications with extreme limitations in space, even in harsh operating environments.

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