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Beckhoff News

The perfect harmony

As pressure grows on warehousing, fine tuning motion control will be key to deliver.

Novatorsolutions News

Benefits of Networked Multichannel Radio Systems in Strategic Communication Intelligence (COMINT) Scenarios

In strategic communication intelligence scenarios one of the main tasks is to gather as much information as possible. Ideally the cost should be proportional to the value the gathered information provides. Unfortunately, it is nearly impossible to value the information at the time it is gathered.

Acceed News

AVA-5500: AI platform for real time video analysis

Industrial image processing, specifically the analysis of moving objects under demanding environmental conditions, develops as one of the most important factors in automation.

Dunkermotoren News

Adaptation of the product range to the new requirements of intralogistics

In intralogistics, the importance of self-propelled vehicles is increasing. Not only the traditional manufacturers, but also users or their suppliers of operating equipment are designing new battery-powered solutions. The technical solutions are as diverse as the players in the market.

Schmersal News

Universal – compact design

New safety module for sensorless standstill detection of drive systems.

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