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Bihl + Wiedemann News


Do you already use the manufacturer-independent IO-Link interface to connect sensors and actuators to the control system level? Bihl+Wiedemann IO-Link solutions are user-friendly and cost-saving at the same time. With ASi-5, it is possible to integrate any IO-Link device into ASi and to configure it with up to 32 bytes of process data.

Dxomark News

Improving Image Stabilization with Hexapod 6-Axis Motion Simulators for More Reliable Image Capturing for Industry, Research and Consumers

Taking sharp pictures despite fast changing lighting and ambient conditions, taking snapshots without blurring, recognizing traffic signs or road markings in driver assistance systems, or identifying dangerous situations in surveillance systems – all of this is possible today with the help of modern cameras. But how are the different criteria for still and video images of cameras reliably measured and evaluated? When testing the image stabilization technologies, for example, hexapods are used to simulate the movement the cameras are subjected to while taking pictures.

Intel News

Intel Unveils Infrastructure Processing Unit

Intel’s IPU improves data center efficiency and manageability and is the only one built in collaboration with hyperscale cloud partners.

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