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The dual channel principle

The dual channel principle is just one of many new developments within the scope of Leuze's nearly 60 years of innovation history.

CEA Leti News

CEA-Leti Reports Machine-Learning Breakthrough That Opens Way to Edge Learning

CEA-Leti scientists have demonstrated a machine-learning technique exploiting what have been previously considered as “non-ideal” traits of resistive-RAM (RRAM) devices, overcoming barriers to developing RRAM-based edge-learning systems.

Rohm Semiconductors News

ROHM Completes Construction of a New Environmentally Friendly Building at its Apollo Chikugo to Expand Production Capacity of SiC Power Devices

ROHM has recently held an opening ceremony announcing the completion of a new building at ROHM Apollo's Chikugo plant started in February 2019 to enhance the production capacity of SiC power devices.

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