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Renesas News


New Reality AI Explorer Tier Offers Free Access to Comprehensive Evaluation “Sandbox” of Powerful AI/ML Development Environment.

NEC Corporation News

NEC technology reliably measures sea levels from a greater distance

NEC Corporation has developed a technology for measuring sea levels with high accuracy from greater distances using 3D Light Detection And Ranging (LiDAR), a remote sensing technology.


A new frontier in optical measurement for the shopfloor. Welcome Metrios 332!

In the world of machining, every detail counts. Having reliable and accurate instruments in your production process is essential to ensure the quality of your finished products. In response to this need, Metrios measuring systems were born.

RT-Labs News

RT-Labs releases its FSoE stack in a SIL3 certified version

RT-Labs introduces a SIL3 certified version of its FailSafe over EtherCAT stack, enhancing safety and reliability in industrial communication, simplifying the certification process for end products.

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