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TDK News

TDK offers clip-on NTC sensors for heat pumps in e-mobility

TDK Corporation presents the new B58101A0109A* (HP100) series of heat pump sensors for measuring the refrigerant temperature indirectly via the pipes' surface temperature.

Rutronik Info

State-of-the-art sensor fusion with the Rutronik Adapter Board RAB1

Rutronik System Solutions' board family gets a new addition with the RAB1 - Sensorfusion. The adapter board offers its own platform that allows machine learning (ML) based sensor fusion, which forms the basis and the future of artificial intelligence (AI). Equipped with the highest performance sensors from Infineon, Bosch SE, and Sensirion.

Siemens News

Siemens automates 2.5D and 3D IC design-for-test with new Tessent Multi-die solution

Siemens Digital Industries Software today introduced the Tessent Multi-die software solution, which helps customers dramatically speed and simplify critical design-for-test (DFT) tasks for next-generation integrated circuits (ICs) based on 2.5D and 3D architectures.

Delta Electronics

Delta Showcases Industrial Lighting and Building Automation Solutions at Light + Building 2022

Delta, a global leader in power and thermal management solutions, is participating in the 2022 Light + Building exhibition in Frankfurt, Germany, on 2-6 October. Delta’s Building Automation Business Group will showcase its Lighting Solutions with a full range of robust industrial lighting products for harsh environments, smart street lighting, fishing light, and ATEX products.

U Blox News

Move-X chooses u-blox chip-to-cloud positioning solution for its new Cicerone board LoRa connectivity solution

U-blox, a leading global provider of positioning and wireless communication technologies and services, announced today that Move-X has chosen to integrate u-blox positioning technology and u-blox cloud positioning service in their new LoRa connectivity solution - the Cicerone board.

Electro Rent

Challenging economic headwinds put equipment investment strategies to the test

Electro Rent outlines how companies can combat the impacts of the current economic challenges and mitigate risks set out in several recent reports from prominent industry commentators. In light of current economic conditions predicted by numerous recent reports, electronic test equipment specialist Electro Rent has advice for any companies looking to mitigate this financial pressure when sourcing the equipment they need.

Ampleon News

Ampleon’s “New” standard for L Band, GaN-SiC HEMT

Ampleon will showcase at the European Microwave Week (held in Milan between 27 thru 29 September) our latest solutions and innovative products in GaN and LDMOS technologies. Among the products on display will be ones aimed at wireless infrastructure, avionics/defence, non-cellular communication, cooking/ defrosting, and ISM-related applications.

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