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Ametek News

AMETEK Land Reveals Enhancements to SPOT Pyrometer Range

AMETEK Land, one of the world’s leading temperature measurement specialists, has further enhanced its innovative SPOT family of high-performance non-contact infrared pyrometers with a number of new benefits.


Precise and efficient thickness measuring systems for hot rolling

The thicknessCONTROL MTS 820x and MTS 920x thickness measuring systems from Micro-Epsilon offer a new and efficient solution for measurement tasks in hot rolling mills. They enable high precision measurements on thick and thin materials and are considered more precise and efficient than X-ray devices.

Datalogic News


Datalogic, a global leader in automatic data capture and industrial automation markets, will attend Logis-Tech Tokyo 2020 (LTT 2020), where exhibitors and visitors discuss, actively exchange information and find their new business partner. LTT is a springboard to capture and address the diverse needs of the logistics market.

TDK News

Automotive LED Lighting from TDK

As the electrification of automobiles advances, power consumption control is becoming an increasingly important factor. LED Lighting Technology design reduces power consumption, increases lifecycle, offers design freedom and overall control. It is now used in Automotive functions including headlights and interior lighting.

Ametek News

Calibrate Long Sensors with a JOFRA Temperature Calibrator!

AMETEK STC is pleased to present the new JOFRA CTC-652 temperature calibrator. The CTC-652 is the tallest of JOFRA’s CTC Series calibrators and is the only industrial-grade temperature calibrator with a 200 mm insert. This insert provides the CTC-652 with an immersion depth of 190 mm, making it ideal for calibrating long sensors.

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