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New type of contour measurement

With the new CMS 700i 3D contour measurement system, Leuze electronic is presenting a world’s first for volume measurements: a complete solution for the fault-free storage of goods that can be autonomously commissioned and maintained by the customers via WebConfig.

Elesa + Ganter News

Indexing plungers with position signal

Indexing plungers very often fulfill safety functions – but this is not the only time when it is important to obtain feedback about their position. With the new series GN 817.6, Elesa+Ganter now also allows automated status checks.

TDK News

New Data Book for aluminum electrolytic capacitors

TDK Corporation presents the fully revised Data Book for aluminum electrolytic capacitors with screw terminal, snap-in, axial and single-ended design.

Stemmer imaging News

Easy 3D Plug & Play with Zivid One+

STEMMER IMAGING has extended its portfolio with the Zivid One+ 3D colour cameras from the Norwegian supplier Zivid since summer 2019. Our product manager Tim Huylebrouck describes his first experience with the 3D cameras.

Kontron News

COM-HPC - Higher performance for Computer-on-Modules

Peter Müller, Vice President Product Center Modules at Kontron, a leading global provider of IoT/Embedded Computing Technology (ECT), comments on the background to the development of the new Computer-On-Module standard COM-HPC:

Bender News

Residual current monitoring up to the final circuit

In modern electrical systems, extensive monitoring by a wide range of sensors is often required in order to detect incipient insulation deterioration at an early stage and thus ensure both safety and high availability.

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