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ST News

STMicroelectronics and Quanta Computer Collaborate on Reference Design for Augmented-Reality Smart Glasses

STMicroelectronics (NYSE: STM), a global semiconductor leader serving customers across the spectrum of electronics applications, and Quanta Computer, a world-leading notebook computer manufacturer, have agreed on a joint effort to develop a reference design for augmented-reality (AR) smart glasses. Based on ST’s Laser-Beam Scanning technology and Quanta’s AR eyewear design and manufacturing capabilities, the AR-glasses reference design will enable faster development of OEM products.


Lefae is qualified for testing in explosive atmosphere

Lefae is the Emitech Group's laboratory specializing in environmental testing with severe constraints: fire testing and combined climatic testing. Based in France near Lyon, it has just qualified a new testing facility for verifying the conformity of equipment installed in potentially explosive zones (equivalent to ATEX requirements) in the presence of hydrocarbon fluids and vapours. Conditions of explosivity are often found in the aeronautics and military industry, but also in the automotive and marine industries.


Two in one: Leuze presents the GSX, the world's first combined forked sensor

With the new GSX combined forked sensor, Leuze is once again presenting a worldwide innovation. The device combines the advantages of light and ultrasonic sensors and is especially suitable for labeling machines used in the packaging industry.

Acceed News

Embedded PC with customer-specific equipment

Despite its highly compact form, the new fanless embedded PC Nuvo-7531 from Acceed offers wide-ranging standard equipment.

Honeywell News

Honeywell Releases Next Generation Of Quantum Computer

Honeywell (NYSE: HON) announced a breakthrough in the early era of quantum computing with the introduction of its next-generation quantum computer, the System Model H1. The H1 generation of computer features Honeywell's differentiated quantum charge-coupled device1 (QCCD) trapped-ion technology and is strategically designed to be rapidly upgraded throughout its lifetime.

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