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Bosch Rexroth News

Lubricated for life

Electromechanical cylinders with lifelong lubrication.

Perle Systems News

Leonardo chooses Perle PoE Switches to power ALPR cameras

IDS Industrial Switches provide up to 30 Watts PoE to Elsag® Fixed Plate Hunter ALPR cameras mounted along highways, bridges, tunnels, and overpasses.


Boosting glass vial and syringe production

Fluke Process Instruments offers powerful sensing tools for glass vial and syringe production that allow manufacturers to ramp up production while ensuring consistent high product quality.

Vision Components News

embedded world: Vision Components presents smallest embedded vision system

Probably the world's smallest embedded vision system – fully integrated in one board and hardly bigger than an image sensor module: VC picoSmart from Vision Components will premiere at embedded world 2021 DIGITAL (March 1–5).

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