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Diodes Incorporated News

Industry’s First 2A Schottky Rectifiers, Available in the DSN1406 from Diodes Incorporated, are Smallest in Class

Diodes Incorporated introduces SDT2U30CP3, SDT2U40CP3, and SDT2U60CP3 with industry-leading current densities, low forward voltage drop, and thermal resistance for smaller, more efficient portable, mobile, and wearable devices.

Inova Semiconductors News

Inova Semiconductors honored as "Digital Innovator 2024"

For the fourth time in a row, the trade magazine Chip and Globis rank the Munich-based semiconductor company one of the most innovative companies in Germany.

STMicroelectronics News


New STM32H7R/S microcontrollers raise embedded-application performance to new levels for next-generation smart devices in factories, buildings, infrastructure, and eHealth.


Leuze presents new ODT3CL1-2M laser diffuse sensor

Small housing, big operating range: the new ODT3CL1-2M compact diffuse sensor from Leuze achieves an operating range of up to two meters.

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