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Delta Electronics

The Delta MH300 Series Micro Drive at the Core of an Innovative, Electric Rope Balancer

Handling systems are an essential tool across a range of industries, from manufacturing and metalworking to automotive and railway. Personnel must frequently lift and maneuver heavy or awkward loads, then place them with utmost accuracy and care. ZASCHE handling has been focused on this challenge since the 1990s, helping its customers fulfill ergonomic requirements for their staff, such as the EU’s Machinery Directive 2006/42/EC . For many years, the industry has relied upon pneumatic rope balancers to handle and position loads with precision. However, the compressed air required is not always available and, in some cases, is even prohibited.

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CasaConnect KNX

KNX starter sets and central unit for smart KNX buildings.

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The integration of electrical and electronic components in vehicle architecture has significantly increased in recent years.


Connectivity for Profinet Type R

A new standard called «Type R» defines requirements for Profinet cables used in robotic applications.

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