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Delta Electronics

Delta Named Supplier Engagement Leader in CDP's Supplier Engagement Rating (SER) for Its Continuous Development of a Sustainable Value Chain

Delta, a global leader in power and thermal management solutions, today announced it has been awarded the highest rating of "A"—Supplier Engagement Leader in the 2020 Supplier Engagement Rating (SER) conducted by CDP. The aforementioned “A” rating derives from the highest scores in the key rating items, namely "Supplier Engagement" (Note 1), "Scope 3 Emissions" (Note 2), and "Overall CDP Climate Change Performance," ranking among the top 7% assessed enterprises. This Supplier Engagement Leader recognition also follows Delta’s success in attaining "double-A (leadership level)" rating in the 2020 CDP evaluation for two major environmental items: "Climate Change" and "Water Security", thus, three key honors by CDP for Delta in 2020. These accolades demonstrate that Delta not only responds to climate change with actions, but also collaborates with business partners actively to build a sustainable value chain, and its efforts and outcomes are highly recognized internationally.


Board-to-Board Connectors Designed and Tested for Special High-Speed Applications

The floating board-to-board connector system of the HF301 series is the perfect solution for connecting two PCBs. The floating mechanism allows for the smooth functioning even during shock and vibration. The HF301 is therefore intended for use under difficult environmental conditions.


Upgrade Powder X-ray Diffractometers with an Upgraded MYTHEN2

For Photron-X, making the hidden visible comes with a pragmatic approach to customers. This company specializes in servicing and upgrading all sorts of X-ray instruments and keeps the quality, cost, and time effort at the optimal level. There, an old powder X-ray diffractometer can get new life in only a couple of steps, and the results might be more than surprising! In this interview, Hannes Mio, the brain behind the company, describes how the increased frame rates of the upgraded MYTHEN2 R are used to perform a continuous scan in a D5000 Siemens X-ray diffractometer to optimize the measurement speed and quality of the collected data.


Panasonic Industry introduces new V-FH long life type of its SMT Aluminum Electrolytic Capacitor range

Good performance features are only worth something if they last. Only then can there be any talk of reliability. So, the durability and life-cycle of an electronical component is vital for the reliability of an entire application – let it be a simple smart home device or an industrial application’s ower supply.

Toshiba News

Toshiba Announces 18TB MG09 Series Hard Disk Drives

3rd-generation 9-disk Helium-sealed design and innovations in energy-assisted recording help customers achieve new levels of storage density and power efficiency.

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