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Cojali News


In Cojali, we continuously invest our efforts in providing all our knowledge of electrical and electronic components to the market to make vehicles more and more safe and efficient.

Cognex News

Cognex Introduces Edge Intelligence Platform

Connects customers with Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) data to quickly resolve performance issues.

Mouser News

From Where is Our Power Going to Come?

We know that the resources of these fossil fuels are finite and, more importantly, that burning them releases greenhouse gases that are a significant part of the climate crisis we face today. Other pollutants are released too, including the particulate matter which constitutes a considerable threat to health, particularly in developing nations.


New PaPIRs “Flat Square Type” from Panasonic Industry as elegant sensor option for unobtrusive product designs

Modern product and application engineering is supposed to wrap next-gen functionality in elegant and unobtrusive designs. This applies to a whole range of electronic devices - from various smart home or IoT applications to displays of whatsoever size and purpose.

Join the 15,000+ IMP followers