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Precise and efficient thickness measuring systems for hot rolling

The thicknessCONTROL MTS 820x and MTS 920x thickness measuring systems from Micro-Epsilon offer a new and efficient solution for measurement tasks in hot rolling mills. They enable high precision measurements on thick and thin materials and are considered more precise and efficient than X-ray devices.

Ametek News

Calibrate Long Sensors with a JOFRA Temperature Calibrator!

AMETEK STC is pleased to present the new JOFRA CTC-652 temperature calibrator. The CTC-652 is the tallest of JOFRA’s CTC Series calibrators and is the only industrial-grade temperature calibrator with a 200 mm insert. This insert provides the CTC-652 with an immersion depth of 190 mm, making it ideal for calibrating long sensors.


LiDAR Partners Program: Bringing the Ecosystem Together

The need for automation in factory and industrial settings will continually increase in the coming years, at the same time as the autonomous driving revolution.

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